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Following My Heart

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I often think: “What the @#!!# am I doing ?!?” Those are the moments when I’m not moving forward, fear is staring me in the face trying to get me to loose my way. In those moments I focus in on myself and my deepest desires and breath deeply letting the answer flow over me so I can say with confidence: “I’m following you, my heart!”

I love what I do! There I said it.  But what do I actually do?

I spend a lot of time thinking up visual ideas and designs.  Sometimes it’s an idea for new illustration series other time I think “I would love to illustrate a coloring book. What should it be?”  I love coming up with a style, a feel for that idea.  I love the time it takes (A LONG TIME!) to tweak the idea in my mind before I’m ready to try it out for real.  I love that I have many projects floating around in my mind.  I love the ones that are ready to see the light of my studio but I love the ones that are at a standstill because I can’t quite figure out how to make special and I love the ones that are just a seed of an idea.

I love drawing. I love painting. I love sculpting & I love trying something new.  I love how making an idea into a real piece has flexibility and how the idea changes as I work on it.  There is freedom and trust in that moment.

Of course as I create my doubts come to visit.  Mostly frustration at my limited abilities.  Not being able to sketch it out how I imagine right away.  Maybe the paint isn’t doing what I wanted, it’s not looking like I wanted.  It’s almost inevitable that each piece has an “ugly duckling” phase. A place where I just want to throw it out.  I’ve learned that phase shall pass if I just stick with it.

I can’t imagine doing anything else.  It’s who I am and to not allow myself to do my work would be like saying I don’t deserve to be.  For that reason and the fact that “I know” I have a talent I feel like I have a responsibility to my gift to create.  I feel much more insecure about my place in the craft/art world.  I guess that’s sort of irrelevant and will figure itself out, maybe? Maybe that’s for another day.

Why do you love what you do?



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