Good Question

I’ve already skipped the “out of the jar” challenge.  I’ve started focusing on my up coming shows and production is a must.  And moving to my new studio out of the house is taking lots of my time.

Here is an illustration of a series I’m starting.  Calligraphy, floral patterns and quotes.  Three of my loves.

Illustrated quote about good question vs bad answer

Illustrated quote about good question vs bad answer


Quote illustration with floral decorative border

Quote illustration with floral decorative border



Birds Flying

paper for challenge #2

 Birds Flying illustration


Frogs Singing

frog challenge

Frogs Singing - pencil crayons

Frogs Singing – pencil crayons



Challenge: for the love of illustration

On Valentine’s as I was continuing my blogging classes with the engaging and supportive April from Blacksburg Belle I realized I needed a project to motivate me.  Something that got ME excited about facing the procrastination demon. So here I am a month later and I found something I hope will get me drawing daily (GULP!)

I liked the idea of doing a “365 DAYS of my creations”: a sketch, a doodle, a drawing or a painting.  But then there was always procrastination’s favorite obstacle: “what to draw”.  To solve this I realized the decision needed to be out of my hands.  I came up with the idea of writing every fun illustration idea I come across on a white piece of paper and just randomly pull one out.  I wanted more structure and less avoidance so on an orange piece of paper I put all the mediums I want to work with. And for further help on a yellow piece I put “extras”.  Creative ideas that could help narrow the style possibilities. Let’s be realistic and try something almost once a week this year.

On any given day I pull a white and orange piece of paper.  If I feel uninspired I pull out a yellow piece to add to the challenge.  I want the goal here to be to draw something, anything daily.  The complexity has nothing to do with it.  Just sit down and draw.

my "challenge" jar

my “challenge” jar


Where My Roots Begin

I love stories, fantasy stories actually.  As a child I loved stories of heroes and princesses that my Czech grandmother read to my sister and I.  She only visited us once every 2 or 3 years so between the visits we would fall asleep listening to 1 of 3 records my parents had of Czech fairytales.  I still  love stories where good and evil are clearly defined and honestly I need good to win for my life to be worth living (more on that later?).  But I think what I loved most and what still thrills me is narrative illustrations.  So to honor those memories and to discover more about my past I’m looking into the artists that shaped my childhood and hopefully discovering new ones as well.

Discovering Illustrators of my Czech Heritage

Stepan Zavrel

Let’s start with an artist I actually don’t know.  And although he’s new to me he has everything I remember from the books I had as a child.  The fluidity of the watercolor medium,  the ease of brush stroke and a playfulness. There’s child-like innocence balanced by brilliant composition and those little touches that transform an illustration into a portal to a child’s imagination.

Stepan Zavrel (1932-1999)

A Czech illustrator who escaped from communist Czechloslovakia in 1959 and established one of the biggest centers for children’s book illustration in a village around 60 km from Venice where he lived.

Zavrel - vodnik

stepan zavrel

Sarmede is also the home to  Le immagini della fantasia . An international event that showcases illustrations from around the world and was establish by Zavrel in 1982.  In addition Stepan Zavrel started an art summer school for children’s book illustrators!  What a DREAM that would be to attend a class in Italy!

zavrel house

Stepan Zavrel’s house in Rugolo in Sàrmede, Italy


Trophy Heads

I’ve been working on a series of heads for a while.  I’m determined to have them for the One of a Kind show in Toronto this year.

Here’s a sneak peek…

Antler Head


Beehive Head

One of A Kind Show

Monster Portraits Begin

I’ve been sketching monsters for the past weeks.  I finally sat down to draw them out for my Monster Portrait series.  I’m really happy with the results and I can’t wait to start adding color!


Here’s a very faint peek.

monster portaits start

Illustration, Fairytales and Food

On my daily internet wanderings I just discovered Yelena Bryksenkova on Etsy.  She’s an American illustrator originally from Russia.  I LOVE her work.  Her style attracted me right away.  She’s got confident black outlines, a muted color palette and a personal way of drawing people that fascinates me.  You can definitely see her background in her work. And then there her subject matter: Fairytales of course but also people in everyday settings.  The care in every little details makes even the most ordinary setting seam special and cared for.

Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood

Alice In Wonderland

Alice In Wonderland


Izze Lane: the ethical knit company

Izze Lane: the ethical knitwear company


As I browsed her website I came across another reason to love this artist.  In collaboration with Lucie Cash she has illustrated a cookbook called Fairytale Food!  Combining my 2 favorite things in the world I think this book is genius idea and I hope the recipes live up to my high standard.


Finally Working

I’ve managed to find time and most importantly motivation to work on some illustrations I started a long time ago. Here s a sneak peek:


Caught in my Chest

“Caught in my Chest”

Fall Girl

Fall Girl


Summer Girl

Summer Girl


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