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Challenge: for the love of illustration

On Valentine’s as I was continuing my blogging classes with the engaging and supportive April from Blacksburg Belle I realized I needed a project to motivate me.  Something that got ME excited about facing the procrastination demon. So here I am a month later and I found something I hope will get me drawing daily (GULP!)

I liked the idea of doing a “365 DAYS of my creations”: a sketch, a doodle, a drawing or a painting.  But then there was always procrastination’s favorite obstacle: “what to draw”.  To solve this I realized the decision needed to be out of my hands.  I came up with the idea of writing every fun illustration idea I come across on a white piece of paper and just randomly pull one out.  I wanted more structure and less avoidance so on an orange piece of paper I put all the mediums I want to work with. And for further help on a yellow piece I put “extras”.  Creative ideas that could help narrow the style possibilities. Let’s be realistic and try something almost once a week this year.

On any given day I pull a white and orange piece of paper.  If I feel uninspired I pull out a yellow piece to add to the challenge.  I want the goal here to be to draw something, anything daily.  The complexity has nothing to do with it.  Just sit down and draw.

my "challenge" jar
my “challenge” jar